Citizens of Earth edible garden services:

  1. Edible Garden Design

  2. Installation of the Edible Garden

Edible Gardens are an important investment to live a healthy, happy, and harmonious lifestyle. Edible gardens are designed to produce fruits, vegetables, and herbs while adding beauty and supporting the environment.

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Steps to install an Edible Garden

  1. Submit Request for Edible Garden
  2. Contact is made to schedule visit to home, business, community center. 
  3. Site Visit: Taking pictures and soil samples. Noting sun angles, micro-climates, topography, vegetation, and infrastructure.
  4. Design an ecologically appropriate and aesthetically beautiful landscape.
  5. Confirmation of Design
  6. Set schedule for implementation
  7. Implementation (Optimal time for best results- Fall-Spring)
    1. Clean Site
    2. Soil amending with organic material, minerals, biology. 
    3. Layout Design
    4. Plant Trees, Shrubs, Perennial Plants.
    5. Mulch
    6. Edging
    7. Building Infrastructure (Optional)
    8. Seasonal annual plantings (Fruit and vegetable plants)
The intentional design of natural elements into a functional garden. The purpose of which is to produce food for people while improving the health of the native ecosystem.
— -Michael Sheehan, Founder of Citizens of Earth